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Super charged web app

Grouply’s App is designed to be simple and intuitive, enabling an effective, custom-designed platform for managers to communicate with their community or with well-defined groups within the community, each with its own level of permissions, membership guidelines and content.

Modules include story timeline, events, gifts, calendar, surveys, advertising and more – a list that keeps on growing. From the manager’s perspective, there are also stats and graphs depicting usage trends and figures.

End users can freely download the App and join open groups but require permissions or invites to be able to join closed groups.


You already have a large community – why not benefit from advertising?

Unlike competing social networks, Grouply provides community managers with a number of advertising models: banners, push messages, calendar event notifications, and more.




Building community

Grouply allows you to quickly and easily build and grow your community.

Grouply allows you to upload community members and disperse the App to them. It also allows non-community members to see the community and join it, contingent on permissions.




Instant communication

Reach everyone, all the time. Effective communications among community members and between them and the community leaders.

Grouply includes a number of communications platforms, which enable community leaders to deliver immediate messages to all group members, as well as a system of groups and forums that allow community members to converse among themselves. Grouply includes communication features that are not available through other social networks or by using email.


Existing models on the first phase

Business Directory

Enables community managers to provide members with information about businesses and to offer them services (which can also be advertised for a fee)

Tools and news

Post news items and blogs, links to external sites and other useful information


Enables inclusion of community members in decision-making – a way to know what they truly think and feel about important issues


The community’s forum and discussions zone where everyone can participate or even form their own group and lead discussions

Calender and conferences

Manage the community’s conferences and events using an intuitive calendar and event management system


A module that enables community managers to hold gift lotteries, sales and promotions and more.

Super Strengths

Empower the Community Leader
Empower the Community Leader

Community managers on Facebook have limited authority, not to mention Facebook’s ability to limit or even shut down groups in response to posted comments. Even if funded advertising is used, a very small percentage of group members are actually reached. Grouply enables community managers to reach all (!) members. In addition, it enables managers to sell ads to third parties.

Modern design
Modern design

State-of-the-art, simple and modern design.

Building a community
Building a community

Community managers determine which modules are included in each of their groups based on relevance, as well as on the level and type of permissions assigned.

Best social community platform

All-in-one community software tailored to you. Grouply brings together community management and engagement on one platform.


Our efforts to design the perfect user experience are ongoing, recognizing that effective community engagement must be simple, intuitive and custom-designed to meet the needs and characteristics of each group.

Easy to customize
Easy to customize

With theme options offering Community management, custom calendar, news and much more! It couldn't be easier.


Grouply was founded by Mr. Yoram Sholtheis and Mr. Alon Piada, experienced entrepreneurs, developers and managers of information systems, who founded and own HRus – by far Israel’s largest online HR community, numbering 16,000 members (24,000 on Facebook).
At HRus they experienced, first hand, very low rates of message exposure (Facebook: 1-3%, email marketing: less than 10%) despite the significant size of the community and decided to develop their own solution to the problem.

Our communities

Membership-based organizations

Marketing and advertising groups

Religious groups

Municipal/local authorities

Political organizations

Companies engaging employees, agents, customers or partners

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